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By using the FlipScoreCredit.comwebsite and all other associated services presented by FlipScore Credit, you agree to be bound and not object to all of the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”).

FlipScore Credit reserves the complete and unchallenged right to update and/or change these Terms of Use as and when the law requires or any uncertain events transpire from time to time. A notice can or cannot be provided to users on the discretion of FlipScore Credit, so it is your duty to stay up to date with these terms. However, FlipScore Credit will notify you of any changes made that affect the financial returns users get – either positive or negative. Any and all new features that serve to augment/enhance current service or products or just to streamline processes. This may include the introduction of more modern tools, resources, manuals, or anything of the sort. Usage and introduction of these shall be subject to the Terms of Use.

Continued usage of FlipScore Credit services or products after that shall constitute your consent to said changes.

General Conditions
  • You agree to use FlipScore Credit at your own risk. Our services and products are available to customers on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  • Only paying customers are eligible to enjoy endless technical support available via email or call.
  • FlipScore Credit uses a combination or third-party vendors as well as hosting partners to provide you with the necessary services. This includes but isn't limited to hardware, software, storage, networking, credit card verification systems (banks), and other requisites required to repair credit cards or offer other protection and management services.
  • Modification of FlipScore Credit service or hacking the website in order to make false implications or suggestions associated with the FlipScore Credit Service, the company, or any other related service is grounds for litigation.
  • Reverse engineering the intricate function of the website or reusing the source code in public or private view. The code and functionality implemented herein are copyright of Flip Score Credit.
  • Users agree not to reproduce, replicate, duplicate, sell, resell, or exploit the whole or portion of the FlipScore Credit Service or its source code.
  • Any unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable content that violates intellectual property or any party involved or not involved will be removed without question by FlipScore Credit.
  • Any sort of verbal, physical, or written abuse towards staff or other members of FlipScore Credit (including threats) will not just result in account termination but is also grounds for damages to be claimed against you. A harassment charge may also fall within the bounds of this clause.
  • FlipScore Credit reserves the right to process, transfer, and transmit your content (except personally identifiable information) to provide better services. Transfer of content may include
    • Transmission of data over different networks
    • Changes in data to better conform with and adapt to the technical requirements of each network or device it must pass through
  • Uploading, hosting, or transmitting unsolicited or ‘spam’ email, SMS and calls is strictly prohibited.
  • Transmitting any viruses, worms, or trojans or any other destructive code via FlipScore Credit servers or onto FlipScore Credit servers will lead to you having to pay off damages or recovery and any associated losses.
  • When using the service either for credit card recovery, enhancing protection, or credit card management, if your bandwidth usage goes beyond 50 MB per month, your account will immediately go into review and subject to FlipScore Credit board, might be disabled permanently. This level of bandwidth is beyond what any customer might need to manage your credit card.
  • FlipScore Credit does not certify that:
    • The service will always meet every specific requirement
    • The service will always be uninterrupted, bug-free, and timely. You can contact our support staff in case of any queries, and
    • The quality of services and information provided to you through FlipScore Credit will always meet your expectations. Since there are many other customers who need attention, for the sake of equality you might have to wait for the service every once in a while.
  • Customers signing up must expressly agree that FlipScore Credit is not liable for any damages. These include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Direct damages
    • Indirect damages
    • Incidental damages
    • Special damages
    • Consequential damages, or
    • Exemplary damages such as damages for
      • Loss of profits
      • Goodwill
      • Usage
      • Data, or other intangible losses (even if FlipScore Credit has been advised of the possibility of such damages).
  • FlipScore Credit will not be liable for any damages resulting from:
    • Using or being unable to use FlipScore Credit service
    • Cost of procurement of substitute goods and services due to transactions from the service
    • Any unauthorized access or alteration to your data mid-transmission, or
    • Any matter relevant to the service.
  • These Terms of Use Act as an agreement between you and FlipScore Credit, governing your use of its service and products. These Terms of Use supersede any prior agreements made Commented [Mac191]: 300 MB/month is recommended between you and FlipScore Credit which includes prior versions of these Terms of Use as well.
Account Terms
  • You must be older than 18 years to use FlipScore Credit services.
  • Users must be human. Bot-registered or any other automated accounts are not permitted and shall be removed. In case of registration with such automated technology in an attempt to defraud FlipScore Credit is grounds for litigation.
  • At the time of registration, users must provide FlipScore Credit their full legal name, valid email address, credit information, bank account details, and any other information requested to complete the process and to allow FlipScore Credit to give you the service you’re signing up for.
  • Each account shall be valid for use by one person only. Any single account that is shared by multiple users shall be deactivated. However, users are allowed to make as many separate accounts as they like for use by others. Each account shall be based on FlipScore Credit Services for separate credit cards. Users may register more than one card with a single account.
  • FlipScore Credit shall not be held liable if your account’s security is breached because users fail to follow basic security practices. This includes ensuring your account’s password is secure and difficult enough so as not to be discovered easily, and due care is taken to ensure FlipScore Credit account details as well as your credit card details are not shared with any third-party. Any loss or damage arising from your failure to do so will render FlipScore Credit free of all liabilities. Passwords are discussed in detail in a later section. It is the duty of the user to make sure all their data eligible devices are kept safe.
  • Any content posted or shared from your account by you is done so with your consent. If you post anything that is not in line with due security protocols, you shall be held responsible for any misuse. The same goes for any illicit activity that is not in line with FlipScore Credit Terms of Use.
  • Users shall not misrepresent themselves or any other users benefiting from FlipScore Credit Service. We shall act based on the information you provide and any and all problems arising due to said identity, such as raising any red flags with Federal Authorities shall not be our responsibility.
  • Those using a free version of FlipScore Credit are not permitted to block ads.
  • Any illegal or illicit activity or attempts of fraud towards FlipScore Credit or any third party is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted. Using FlipScore Credit Service means that you are giving us your consent to prosecute in case of violation of laws, including copyright laws).

Any violation of any of the account terms listed above will lead to the termination of your FlipScore Credit account without prior notice. Users shall have to contact our support desk for more information and can submit a ticket for us to review your account. If it turns out that the account was suspended or terminated without cause, services shall be resumed immediately.

While FlipScore Credit prohibits any and all forms of misconduct in these Terms of Use, you understand and agree to the fact that FlipScore Credit shall not be held responsible for any misuse or content posted. At the same time, due to the vastness of the internet and content available on it, users might be exposed to adult material unintentionally. While FlipScore Credit shall take steps to avoid that, some form of inappropriate content might slip through. Users agree to use the FlipScore Credit Services at their own risk.

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms
  • Customers must provide valid credit card information to enjoy the services offered by Flip Score Credit paid accounts. At the same time in order to recover and repair your credit card, it is important to provide valid information, otherwise your account may be suspended on grounds of suspicious activity.
  • FlipScore Credit bills customers in advance for the month and non-refundable past 30 days. Claims for refunds or credits for partial services (monthly) shall not be entertained. Similarly, customers aren’t entitled to any upgrade or downgrade refunds in the spirit of equality. No exceptions shall be made nor any applications entertained.
  • Any and all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, provincial as well as federal, shall be borne by you, excluding United States (federal or state) taxes.
  • In case of any upgrade/downgrade in your plan, FlipScore Credit shall automatically charge your provided credit card for the new rate on the next billing cycle. No refunds shall be provided if you choose to downgrade mid-session.
  • Downgrading your plan with FlipScore Credit may lead to loss of exclusive content you may have posted enjoying the benefits or higher plans. The same goes for any features and the overall capacity of your account. FlipScore Credit accepts no liability for any such loss.
Cancellation and Termination
  • Customers are responsible wholly and solely for account cancellation, except for account termination by FlipScore Credit authority. Email/phone requests to cancel existing accounts shall not be entertained or considered cancellation. To do so, you will have to deactivate your account from the “My Account” tab from the navigation bar atop the screen. You will not have to go through any long procedures to cancel the account. FlipScore Credit reserves the right to call and ask you why you’re wishing to cancel your account before permanently deleting your information.
  • Once your account is deactivated, after a short review all your content and information shall also be deleted which includes text, PII and other files immediately from the FlipScore Credit database. Once deleted this information cannot be recovered.
  • Services and features shall be cancelled immediately after you deactivate your account and information will be deleted after review. If this is in the middle of the month, you shall not be liable to pay any recurring fee but FlipScore Credit shall also not be liable to refund any amount based on pro-rata basis. You shall be responsible for all previously incurred charges.
  • FlipScore Credit shall not provide any sort of service to those who have filed chargebacks or opened any disputes with their bank about payments made.
  • FlipScore Credit reserves the sole right to suspend your account or terminate it, along with refusing any services or current or future use of FlipScore Credit services for any reason at any time. This reason shall be communicated to you in due course and you shall be given a chance to share your point of view with the Board.
  • Termination of the service due to the Board’s act will lead to the immediate deactivation or suspension of your account and access shall be barred. All content within shall be forfeited and all claims of copyright shall be relinquished. However, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) shall be discarded once there is no need for it.
Modifications to the Service and Prices
  • FlipScore Credit reserves the right to modify, update, discard, discontinue, or temporarily or permanently halt the credit card repair and other services offered (or any part thereof) without notice. However, management will try their level best to notify you of any maintenance activities or scheduled down time to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • FlipScore Credit also reserves the right to change the pricing structure of any and all products and services offered with as little as 30-days’ notice. This may include monthly subscription plan fees, any product prices, royalties, or any other FlipScore Credit entitlement. Such changes will be followed by a notice and may be provided any time. Flip Score Credit is not responsible for updating each and every client and this clause is limited to posting said changes to flipscorecredit.com website. However, we shall endeavor to inform you via email.
  • FlipScore Credit shall not be held liable to customers or to any third part for any modifications in prices. As for suspension or discontinuance of account or services FlipScore Credit will do so with proper cause.
Copyright and Content Ownership
  • Content posted in your FlipScore Credit account must be in compliance with the U.S. copyright law. We do not pre-screen content, but our compliance department verifies each post as it gets around to it. Any violations are reported and a formal warning is given to the content owner. If the warning is not heeded and similar content is posted again, your account may be suspended, awaiting your justification. If the board sees your case and post just, your services are continued, otherwise terminated.
  • FlipScore Credit reserves the right (but isn't obligated) to refuse postage of any content in violation to our copyright clauses. Furthermore, the content can be removed without prior notice to the owner. The same goes for any information that deliberately or unintentionally serves as a misrepresentation of facts.
  • The overall outlook, user experience, UI, and the way our services are tailored is a copyright ©2020 of FlipScore Credit – all rights reserved. Duplication, copy, or reuse of any element of the FlipScore Credit service or its source code, including but not limited to the HTML/CSS, visual design elements, or the customer dashboard framework without express written permission from FlipScore Credit is grounds for litigation.

By using FlipScore Credit services, you agree and understand that our services, software products, and resources are a source of credit information and offer a way to repair and recover credit cards and should not be taken in lieu of legal advice. While FlipScore Credit makes every conscious effort to ensure utmost accuracy of information provided, pinpoint accuracy isn't always possible nor should be sought after. We offer no legal assistance nor advice as to how the law applies to your circumstances. We recommend getting in touch with an attorney in your city or state for legal advice.

FlipScore Credit is owned and operated by FlipScore and by using the FlipScore Credit website, you are agreeing to have gone through and agreed to these disclaimers as set forth in this Terms of Use. Neither publisher nor author of content on the FlipScore Credit website shall be held liable for the information contained within – especially if misused. Any physical, emotional, financial, or commercial damages resulting from the information within the website, be it special, incidental, consequential, or any other type of damage caused or allegedly caused shall not be reimbursable by FlipScore Credit.

You also acknowledge and agree that all information and recommendations published on FlipScore Credit is to be used at your own sole risk. We expressly disclaim all warranties associated with the information of any kind published content at flipscorecredit.com, accessible for free or in the paid account. This stands for information, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.

Any and all material found or downloaded from the website or provided to you by our experts is to be taken on an advisory capacity only. Implementation should be done at your own risk and discretion, since you will solely be responsible for any and all damages, if any, to your enrolled device, card, account, or other systems. Loss or theft of data resulting from the download or use of any such material shall also be your responsibility.

FlipScore Credit also disclaims any and all damages incurred due to Acts of God and will not be held liable for any interruptions of discontinuation of services until the company recovers from such acts. Acts of God include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Earthquakes
  • Severe weather
  • Floods
  • Unforeseen disease epidemics
  • Unforeseen disasters, or
  • Accidents

Find clause 8 for more on Acts of God.

Any advice or information obtained from FlipScore Credit, whether oral or written, may create any warranties not expressly stated within these terms. Some US state and federal jurisdictions do not allow excluding warranties. Similarly, some of the above limitations may or may not apply to you. Should there be any clause, section, or part of agreement before or after this section that contradicts with this section, this section shall prevail.

Acts of God

In accordance to the law of torts, an Act of God is an type of intervening cause set forth by law and by FlipScore Credit that dictates that any damage that is caused because of any act of God, be it fire damage, electrical malfunction, flood, earthquake, etc. that couldn’t have been avoided even with reasonable care, FlipScore Credit will not be held responsible. Loss of data is common in such circumstances, in which case you might have to reenter your details to resume seamless service.

Earnings & Legal Disclaimers

FlipScore Credit doesn’t earn through credit card repairs or other services it offers but only via subscriptions charges. Any earnings and income representations offered to you in this site are aspirational statements about how you can use your funds the right way to increase earning potential. All success stories, testimonials, and numerous other successful examples used were nontypical results and no share was taken by FlipScore Credit. These are also no guarantees, nor does FlipScore Credit offer any such guarantee that you or those you recommend will get the same results. You might, or you might not, in both cases you do so at your own risk and FlipScore Credit claims no responsibility or share from those results.

Factors that come into play in order to earn will always vary and are thus no guarantee. This mostly depends on

  • Individual capacity
  • Work ethic
  • Business skills
  • Negotiation expertise
  • Experience level
  • Motivation level
  • Diligence
  • Intelligence
  • The economy
  • Normal risks of doing business
  • Unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors.

FlipScore Credit as a whole or employees in the company are not responsible or liable for any of your individual actions. However, you might find various links, guides, and pointers to other websites maintained by third parties. This linking does not mean in any way shape or form that we are endorsing or sponsoring such sites or the information, products, or services they are offering. The idea is to help you make an informed decision, one which you will be responsible for on your own accord.

FlipScore Credit neither affiliates nor earns any portion of its income or control from that information, website, products, guides, or services. You will find content on the website that offers opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, or other information or content that is either our own or of third parties, including government websites, third-party information providers, authors, or distributors, but FlipScore Credit does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content in any aspect.

Content Disclaimer



Disclaimer of Warranties With Respect to Use of Credit Card Repair Facility

FlipScore Credit offers not just credit card management services but also credit card repair facilities. Management and administration shall make every conscious effort to ensure that your data remains safe but in this ever-evolving world, cybersecurity is still a field where new modes of safeguarding data are brought to light every year. At the same time, cybercriminals are evolving just as rapidly, which means that any unforeseen event may arise in the future where they might attempt to steal information.


Credit car repair facility is a highly debated facility mostly because it does not always work because in rare cases, you might have to file appropriate reports with the police and sign some documents which third parties cannot do for you. FlipScore CREDIT USES REASONABLE EFFORTS TO ENSURE THE FACILITY IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE AND THE SERVICE IS PERFORMED WITH MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. HOWEVER, FlipScore CREDIT ISN'T LIABLE TO REPAY OR REFUND AMOUNT PAID IN CASE OF FAILURE. We recommend getting in touch with our support department and sharing your case first and only signing up after you are sure it can work in your case.

Furthermore, FlipScore Credit neither represents the fact or offers any guarantees in terms of the results you might get, be it regarding the credit card recovery or repair service or any other product mentioned on this site. As for any information shared by FlipScore Credit to you, the usage of our service is a direct agreement that you shall at all times defend, indemnify, and hold on to said information in complete secrecy, unless allowed expressly by FlipScore Credit.

Information about FlipScore Credit’s affiliates, successors, transferees, other customers, vendors, assignees, directors, employees, licensees their parent and/or subsidiary companies, agents, associates, officers, and shareholders (if any) shall not be shared at any cost. Each of these individuals shall also not be held liable against any and all claims, of damages, liabilities, causes of action, costs, and expenses, which may or may not include any legal expenses incurred by you as a direct or indirect result of damages suffered by you. Any breach in terms of the obligations set forth in these terms of use are grounds for litigation.

FlipScore Credit Services

Over the course of these Terms of Use, FlipScore Credit’s services have been mentioned numerous times. These include:

  • 1. Credit Review – FlipScore Credit lets you review your TransUnion credit report online in order to verify that your current information with TransUnion is accurate and up to date. You also get access to a free credit monitoring tool. This constitutes SERVICE and PRODUCT.
  • Credit Dispute – Here, you can submit any dispute against any errors in transaction, sum, or any other sort directly with TransUnion. FlipScore Credit offers regular updates to users in regards to outstanding disputes, be they technical or credit. This includes any information TransUnion would like you to know via FlipScore Credit. This constitutes SERVICE.
  • Financial Education – Apart from managing your credit card information and funds, Flip Score Credit also offers resources to help you enhance your credit and financial standing. These educational resources include guidelines about credit scores, personal finance, credit reports, and your overall credit health. This constitutes CONTENT.
  • Financial Product Offers – These include financial products that we may release or host on our platform from third-parties. This also constitutes PRODUCT.
Charges for FlipScore Credit Services

FlipScore Credit has a free and paid version of its services. By using our free version, you understand that you are not entitled to our support like paid customers. Registration on FlipScore Credit is free and only requires basic information from you. However, even with the free version, third-part charges may still be applicable, including but not limited to:

  • Receiving internet data packets
  • Sending internet data packets
  • Cellular or other data service
  • Eligible device charges, or any charges other than those of our subscription.

You agree to making said payments as and when applicable based on your data network or usage of any particular service.

Online Commerce & FlipScore Credit

FlipScore Credit only sells a paid membership to you, after the purchase of which you’ll be eligible for all products and services (based on the plan). However, from time to time you’ll see that certain sections of the FlipScore Credit website may host or suggest the purchase and use of different types of third-party products. By using FlipScore Credit, you are agreeing that FlipScore Credit shall not be held responsible for any aspect of these services, including:

  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability, or any other aspect of said products and/or services.

Any purchases made from merchants listed on FlipScore Credit website, either via link or as an affiliate, FlipScore Credit shall not be responsible for any and all information found on the merchant’s online store. If you share any information with the merchant’s online store or site, either in order to register or to make a purchase, FlipScore Credit shall not be held liable for any misuse. This may include leakage of PII, credit card number, or contact information, since said merchant may not only have a different privacy and data collection policy than us but is also an INDEPENDENT THIRD PARTY.

Making a purchase on any of these websites may also mean that you’re agreeing to or are subject to more terms and conditions. We recommend going through the merchant’s own privacy policies and terms of use that may be applicable to the purchase. This stands true even if you don’t have to sign up for the purchase.

Any participation, dealings, or subsequent correspondence between said third-party merchant and you are completely independent of FlipScore Credit as well, even if we have listed the product as an affiliate in our website. FlipScore Credit shall not be held liable for the payment, delivery, or quality of said goods, nor shall it be liable for any warranties associated with said dealings. You agree not to claim any damages from FlipScore Credit or hold it accountable/liable for any damages incurred to you as a result of said dealings.

Whether financial agreements have been entered with the third-party merchant solely by you or by proxy (someone acting on your behalf), the new agreement is solely between you and the merchant. You also agree to make sure that all purchases made through FlipScore Credit or its affiliate links are going to be made via legitimate means and for non-commercial purposes only. Commercial use is allowed only after express permission has been given to you from FlipScore Credit.

Furthermore, you agree to make purchases, be it goods or services from FlipScore Credit or affiliates for yourself. You can only purchase said goods or services for another person if you are legally permitted to do so. For example, you can only purchase goods or services on behalf of a company if you are enrolled by the company to do so with compensation for your services. In such a case, you are responsible for providing FlipScore Credit or the respective merchant with the necessary information about the person or entity for whom the service is being availed or product is being purchased. This will also include proof of permission from said person or entity.

Sharing of products or services purchased from FlipScore Credit or its affiliates is not permitted. Unauthorized use for personal or commercial use with will be considered as copyright infringement and is grounds for litigation or damages from you.

Interactive Features

This FlipScore Credit Site includes numerous features and more may be added as and when needed. These features, such as forums, blogs, and email services may allow you not only to communicate with other members but also provide your valuable feedback to us in real-time. By using this website, you agree to communicate with others and company staff responsibly. You alone are responsible for what you post or email. Material included within such as media or content is subject to scrutiny at any time and in case of violations, you may be subject to a response befitting any breach. However, we cannot scrutinize all the material posted on the site, either by you or others and therefore take no responsibility of what you may be exposed to, despite our efforts.

Furthermore, FlipScore Credit cannot be held liable for any information you may find useful, as posted by others on the site. When using the website, you agree that you will not

  • Perform any actions that restrict or inhibit other members or browsers from using and/or enjoying features offered by FlipScore Credit
  • Impersonate any fictitious or real (dead or alive) person or entity
  • Falsely state or make any attempts at misrepresenting affiliation with any third-party (person or entity)
  • Attempt to interfere with FlipScore Credit servers or networks
  • Attempt to interfere FlipScore Credit’s features or breach any clause mentioned in these Terms of Use
  • Attempt to interfere FlipScore Credit’s procedures, policies or regulations
  • Use FlipScore Credit platform to instigate any illicit or illegal activities
  • Use FlipScore Credit platform to harass or bully any other member
  • Attempt to cause any sort of injury or damage to any person, physical, mental, or emotional
  • Post any material that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent.
  • Post any material that serves to transmit encouraging messages towards any conduct that constitutes a felony or give rise to civil liability.
  • Post any material that violates national security, local, state, national, or international law.

In case any payment made to FlipScore Credit is declined, the internal system shall disable or discontinue your access to FlipScore Credit premium services, product, or content. This might happen either because of falsified identity when incurring transaction or something as simple as credit card expiry. To continue enjoying premium access, you can either contact FlipScore Credit support staff or wait as we attempt to get in touch and help resolve this issue.


To get access to premium features of certain features of FlipScore Credit, you must log in with a username and password. You will generate a safe username and password while registering either for the free version or when making a premium account. By using this site, you agree that you are wholly and solely responsible for proper maintenance of your password, along with its confidentiality. It is important to understand here that the staff or admin side of FlipScore Credit servers store an encrypted form of your password, which means even we cannot figure out your password for the site. Therefore, in case of loss of password, you shall use the email address used to create your ID. In case of loss of that ID, FlipScore Credit shall not be held responsible for any loss of data when it comes to recovering the username and password.

In case of any unauthorized use of your password or account, you agree to notify FlipScore Credit authorities immediately in order to ensure that proper actions can be taken in a timely fashion to mitigate the risks of loss or any damage that could arise from failure to protect said information. FlipScore Credit requires you to use a secure password which cannot be guessed easily. In case any third-party is able to ‘guess’ your password, FlipScore Credit shall not be held liable for any consequent damage or loss. FlipScore Credit may also require additional passwords or security codes when accessing FlipScore Credit from certain eligible devices or services.


Copyright owners are given a recourse via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the “DMCA”) to those who believe their material is appearing anywhere across the internet, infringing their rights as listed under U.S. copyright law. When hosting any sort of content in good faith you believe that FlipScore Credit or its members are infringing any copyright, you (the host) or your agent are to send a notice to FlipScore Credit containing a formal request requesting that the material be removed or blocked. Notifications shall be considered sufficient if any sort of notice is given by a copyright owner or any person with the authority to act on their behalf. FlipScore CREDIT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DO THE SAME, SHOULD YOU HOST ANY CONTENT ON THE FLIP SCORE CREDIT WEBSITE ANYWHERE ELSE WHILE FAILING TO OBTAIN PRIOR PERMISSION FIRST.


Dispute Resolution - Arbitration

In case of any breach, both parties reserve the right to request that a dispute be settled via arbitration. If either party requests arbitration, both parties shall meet at a scheduled time and place with the arbitrator (an independent third party) to explain their side of the story. After both parties have explained, the arbitrator shall award a decision. Both, you and we reserve the right to challenge the arbitrator’s judgement and take it to any court to get an official judgment.

After either party requests for arbitration, neither you nor we can challenge that request to take it to court instead until the decision has been awarded. Furthermore, there shall be no jury trial of the arbitration.

At the time of arbitration, you cannot be a part of class action(s) pertaining to the dispute in question. Apart from a few exceptions, the decision awarded by the arbitrator shall be final. Neither parties have other rights that would normally be given to them in case of arbitration. We will discuss the cases that are not available in arbitration later on.

Disputes Covered by Arbitration

Disputes arising from these Terms of Use, the agreement agreed to when registering with FlipScore Credit, account information or handling, or any product, service, or content related to your account shall and can be settled by arbitration if either party requests. However, the same will not be applicable if described below under “Disputes Not Covered.” Following disputes are covered by arbitration:

  • Any disputes against the Agreement or Terms of Use, FlipScore Credit Service, FlipScore Credit Account or any transaction involving FlipScore Credit Account
  • Relationships resulting from FlipScore Credit Terms of Use with FlipScore Credit not subject to any other agreement
  • Validity, interpretation, and scope or enforceability of FlipScore Credit Terms of Use
  • If by any statute of limitations, estoppel, waiver, laches or similar legal rule, the time to settle a dispute has passed.
Disputes Not Covered by Arbitration
  • Any claim that could be taken to a small claims court
  • Any claim in regards to this arbitration section prohibiting class disputes
No Class Disputes

Two or more disputes cannot be joined together to create class disputes, even if there are other parties facing similar issues. You cannot be an arbitrator for any dispute based on a class action, private attorney general, or other representative.

Who Will Arbitrate

The JAMS ADR (JAMS) or American Arbitration Association (AAA) can arbitrate disputes, or FlipScore Credit and you can also agree upon having a different arbitrator. If the AAA or JAMS cannot arbitrate, or FlipScore Credit and you are unable to come to an agreement on arbitrator, another regional arbitration group may be considered. If no regional arbitrator is agreed upon, a national arbitrator may be considered.

If the total amount in dollars of all disputes between FlipScore Credit and you less than $250,000, there shall be only one arbitrator. If the amount is more than $250,000, there shall be three arbitrators.

For an arbitrator to qualify for this, they must have an active membership in good standing with the bar of any state within the United States. They must also be actively practicing law for no less than 5 years or be a retired judge.

Paying the Arbitrator

Once the arbitration charges have been determined, you shall pay the arbitration charges unless these Terms of Use or any applicable US law suggests that we must pay.

If the total value of all disputes combined is $50,000 or less, FlipScore Credit shall pay a portion of arbitration fee. That portion shall not excess the cost of filing a lawsuit in a federal court. You reserve the right to request that we pay the arbitration charges that you are liable for, but FlipScore Credit does not promise to agree to that request. Once the arbitration is over, the arbitrator(s) shall make the final decision on who is liable to pay the charges greater than those FlipScore Credit agreed to pay, no matter the outcome.

Arbitration can take place in any federal judicial district, either at your home or any other place of your choosing. However, we reserve the right to challenge that and come to a mutual understanding for the arbitration to take place elsewhere.


These Terms of Use of FlipScore Credit are designed, governed, and construed with respect to the laws set forth by the State of California in the United States of America. Any and all disputes that may arise during the normal course of business shall be subject to binding arbitration or court of law, as the two parties decide, in the state of California. Should any provision of these Terms of Use be unlawful, or unenforceable, the provision or section shall be automatically deemed to be severable. All other sections, provision, and clauses shall remain in full effect and removal of one clause or another shall not render any other sections, provisions, or clauses invalid or unenforceable.

The Terms of Use are binding and applicable on all who use our website, either the free or the paid version.


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